Deal of the Week

DEAL OF THE WEEK-Herman Got Free! This week I want to share the story of Herman (name changed for privacy) and how a closing helped free him up from financial bondage. This loan closed last week. By explaining this deal a little deeper, I think you can get some insights into what we are able… [Read More]

Commercial Loan Officer Opportunities

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COMMERCIAL LOAN OFFICER OPPORTUNITIES Looking for an employment opportunity in commercial finance?? We are looking for any licensed brokers or agents who are looking for Financial Independence to increase their Residual Income. You can own a net branch with no finical risk. Partner with our multi-state growing company. We Provide: Training ( traveling; live online ) Full… [Read More]

The Big Story


Loan Amount: $1,723,000 Location: TX The Story: THE BIG NEWS WITH THIS DEAL WAS IT WAS ALL BUSINESS LOAN-NO REAL ESTATE COLLATERAL! Most banks cannot go above $500,000 in “goodwill” or “air ball” meaning unless there is hard collateral, they cannot go above $500.000. MANY BANKS CAN NOT CONSIDER AN UN-COLLATERALIZE LOAN REGARDLESS. We have a host of non-bank… [Read More]


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IMC Capital Welcomes Andrew Anaya We are pleased to announced that Andrew Anaya has joined Imc Capital as a Loan Officer. Andrew started off as a mortgage banker and has experience working as a Mortgage Broker. He currently holds a broker license and Nmls License and is a member of NAHREP of Inland Empire. Andrew… [Read More]

Now offering Mezzanine Loans!


GOOD NEWS! IMC Capital now offers Mezzanine Loans! A mezzanine loan is a short-term debt that you take as a bridge between first-round financing and senior debt. Primarily used by corporations, this type of loan is used at the intermediate stages of growth. These loans are somewhat equivalent to second mortgages on homes. This debt financing issues debt… [Read More]


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LOWER RATES PROVIDE NEW INVESTOR OPPORTUNITIES Long term rates are over 1% LOWER than 1 year ago and the Fed is poised to lower rates at their upcoming meeting….a powerful opportunity exists to refinance right now. Rates are in the 4’s right now for most investor deals with multi-family deals possibly into the upper 3’s!… [Read More]

CRE Or Residential Real Estate?


There are certainly some similarities between CRE and residential: both are hard assets can provide income from rents and leases in addition to appreciation. But CRE, as noted above does offer some unique benefits that can play an important role in a diversified portfolio. Besides the larger valuations usually seen with commercial properties, the biggest… [Read More]

The right team for you


In real estate investment, the options are unlimited. Your investing method could be totally different from the next guy’s and you would still be generating passive income. That said, the way in which you invest is paramount to your success in the long-term. Strategy matters. If you want to generate passive income in the long-term and build… [Read More]

Declare Your Deal!


Our Forefathers Declared Independence from Oppressive Lenders Who “Steal” Profits from Real Estate Investors By Not Having It Together!       Well, no not really…But “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” is a notable phrase from The Declaration of Independence, and missing a closing means potentially losing considerable profit because your lender moved too slowly! You’ve missed out… [Read More]